About us

Beauty Bells is a small kennel in Dalarna, Sweden, owned by me Jessica Hamrin. The chihuahuas is breed in a home-enviroment, whats mine is theirs. After many years of owning and training different dogs, these crazy little chihuahuas cached my heart. Tess, my oldest female, desided she should come live with me and who was I to say no 🙂. Right now I have 3 females and 1 male, the male is co-owned with Candygolds Kennel.
 I and my dogs lives an aktiv life with eveything from dogshows, agillity, and long walks in the woods. Beside the chihuahuas I also have 2 older jack russell terriers and one norweigan forest cat.


05.09.2015 14:48

Pia Andersson

Hej :)
Har skickat mail om den söte George :)